RIPS 240Z runs 8.36 @ 163mph

5 01 2009

New Zealand-based Rotora Imports (RIPS) are the undisputed kings of Skyline RB30 engines, and their 1000whp+ 240Z drag car is the ultimate demo car. Basic tech spec includes RB30 block (no filler, cement etc.), forged pistons, balanced RB30 crank, RIPS RB26 ported head, GT45 turbo @ 1.9 bar, TH400 transmission and 9in diff.

Rob from RIPS says:

‘ We had a fresh trans fitted to the 240z (1st time ever to have a new trans in the car so wasn’t quite sure what to expect).

My first run was at 12.28 and the track looked “just ok” I deceided to just roll very gently off the line (2.15 60ft) then gently feed it on and see how it felt, it was very slippery from 1/2 track onwards but ran through with a 9.9 @ 159mph.

Next run the weather had been fine for about 2 hours so I decided to give it a decent nudge, left real well but was snaking down the track and had wheelspin in 2nd (1/2 track mph down a bit) and also had to back off just before the finish line, it felt good but I didn’t know how good. Got back to the pits to cheers and thumbs up from everyone, 8.361 @ just 163.85mph so I knew there was more to come.’



Recession? What’s that?

5 01 2009

Seemingly unaware of all economic crisis surrounding the world, German-based tuners 9FF have turned their hands to the Greenpeace favorite, the Porsche Cayenne. Weighing over two tonnes as standard 9FF ‘tweaked’ the twin turbo lump to produce 725bhp, good for 0-60mph in 4 seconds and a top speed of nearing on 200mph.

But what makes the Cayenne ‘Vantage GT-R’ properly menacing is the weird-yet-evil bodystyling including 911 headlights, Carrera GT-style side vents and matt black paint. Vulgar, ugly, crazy, fucking cool!


2009 GT-R Cup?

5 01 2009

Not so much… just a quick virtual Ricci’s done combining the R35 GT-R with a Porsche GT3 Cup Racer.


Marangoni MiTo M430

5 01 2009

Check out this wicked little hatch from the guys at Marangoni Tyres, nicknamed the MiTo M430. Based on the micro-hatch Alfa Romeo MiTo, Marangoni have completely rebuilt the little beast just months after it’s Italian release in September 08.

Aside from the obvious styling tweaks, Marangoni have also tweaked the diddy 1.4-litre turbo lump to 220bhp – 65bhp more than standard. 10-pot Tarox brakes with 330mm discs may be a bit overkill, but who cares when they look that good?


2009 = mad colour wheels

5 01 2009

Deep dish, split-piece, crazy-ass wheels rock, but if you really want to be big in 2009 you’ll want to get ’em painted something badass instead. Firstly there’s the luminous:

Can’t go wrong with a set of Weds. Next up, two-tone TE37 in magnesium blue, sweet:

Pastel/single colours, Takata Green = personal favorite on the M Speed R34:


And for the man with balls bigger than melons, rainbow:


Lovely weather for 300bhp + RWD…

5 01 2009

Waking up to news reports of snow-covered roads used to be a joyous occasion as a youngster… not so much anymore, especially if your car’s a 1994 Mazda RX-7 twin turbo.

For a start it’s 15-years-old, so the heater takes an entire car journey to work. Secondly it’s still twin turbo which means boost by 2000rpm, and finally it’s rear-wheel-drive. Joy.

Max Power goes blogging…

5 01 2009

Seeing as all the cool kids are blogging these days, we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon and get the UK’s best modified car magazine up and blogging too

What can you expect? Well, cars, girls, cars, girls, randomness – pretty much all you need to know. With so many cool motors out there it’s impossible (although we do try…) to cram ’em all into each monthly issue of Max, so any additional content we’ll be whacking up here.

Onto the pics…