RIPS 240Z runs 8.36 @ 163mph

5 01 2009

New Zealand-based Rotora Imports (RIPS) are the undisputed kings of Skyline RB30 engines, and their 1000whp+ 240Z drag car is the ultimate demo car. Basic tech spec includes RB30 block (no filler, cement etc.), forged pistons, balanced RB30 crank, RIPS RB26 ported head, GT45 turbo @ 1.9 bar, TH400 transmission and 9in diff.

Rob from RIPS says:

‘ We had a fresh trans fitted to the 240z (1st time ever to have a new trans in the car so wasn’t quite sure what to expect).

My first run was at 12.28 and the track looked “just ok” I deceided to just roll very gently off the line (2.15 60ft) then gently feed it on and see how it felt, it was very slippery from 1/2 track onwards but ran through with a 9.9 @ 159mph.

Next run the weather had been fine for about 2 hours so I decided to give it a decent nudge, left real well but was snaking down the track and had wheelspin in 2nd (1/2 track mph down a bit) and also had to back off just before the finish line, it felt good but I didn’t know how good. Got back to the pits to cheers and thumbs up from everyone, 8.361 @ just 163.85mph so I knew there was more to come.’






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