Skyline GT-R SpecV

8 01 2009

For the past year there’s been hundreds of spy shots depicting the ‘SpecV’ R35 GT-R, but now it’s finally been unveiled. It may not look massively different, but Nissan assures there’s plenty been done to warrant it’s price tag (£113,000!!).

Key exterior changes include a carbon fibre grille, brake ducts and spoiler and the new ‘Ultimate Black’ paintjob, kind of midnight purple reminisscent. In the handling and performance department a titanium exhaust replaces the standard unit alongside a boost tweak to 512bhp whilst suspension has been lowered and carbon discs fitted. Let’s see it hit the ‘ring now…





Paris ‘pimps’ her ride…

8 01 2009

What has happened to West Coast Customs? Once the creators of some awesome American muscle machines, now painting Paris Hilton’s Bentley Continental GT pink… very pink. Some of the ‘trick’ touches include a diamond-encrusted Bentley badge, albeit with the letters ‘PH’ engraved instead, pink leather interior, pink-painted chrome rims and general gash-looking bodywork. All for the bargain price of $200,000.





BOTD – Babe of the day

8 01 2009

Well why not? This regular feature needs no explanation other than it’ll be showing you a new babe every day taken from the website.

Wednesday’s babe of the day is 18-year-old Aisha, who (in case you haven’t noticed) has a 30H chest… ‘I’m actually a 30JJ’ says Aisha. ‘But 30H is as big as they go!’

Check her out here