Grip vs Drift drivers…

21 01 2009

Cool video doing the rounds on the tinternet – track-spec S2000 going head to head against a range of D1GP cars. Kind of obvious who’ll get in the lead, but it’s worth watching for the end ‘attempt’ at drifting by the grip driver, naturally ending in failure…

Behind the scenes: Alfa MiTo photoshoot

21 01 2009

It’s all well and good showing beautifully shot feature cars in the magazine each month but what exactly goes in to a typical 5-page car shoot each month? Hopefully this little montage should give you a better idea…

Built by Marangoni Tyres, Italy, this little Alfa MiTo rocks: red-rubber tyres, 240bhp 1.6-litre lump, airbrushed bonnet – pretty much everything you can think of on a car that’s not even released in the UK.


9:30am – arrive at studio location, reverse the car in, start setting up lights and try and keep the models awake…


Start setting the lights up – begin cleaning the studio of tyre marks. Lots of fun…


With the lights set up and colour filter placed over the top (hence red tinge) add a crap load of smoke…


Crapload of smoke generally means… a crap load!


With the smoke shots done it’s back to studio lighting for details and girl shots


The girl/smoke shots will be photoshopped together after – pretty much impossible to have a well-lit girl, car and smoke in one shot unless you’ve got an endless supply of lights and time!


Striking a pose, minus the shitty ‘Vogue’ song


Why bother with a CF card when you can have the pics downloaded straight to the machine?


Gives you an idea of the size/equipment needed for a fairly small car shoot


And finally, close up details with more red filter and smoke. A typical shoot usually goes from around 9-5:30, but that’s if it goes smooth without any hiccups – nine times out of ten… they don’t.

Widebody Norwegian Evo 8

21 01 2009

Look familiar? This mental Evo 8 used to belong to Garage Trial in Japan, and was a regular at the Tsukuba circuit posting times in the 56-57 second category. Since being bought by a Norwegian enthusiast back in 2007 it’s undergone further changes, including an even wider bodykit and a whole new engine.

It’s 2008 spec included a dry sump kit, HKS cams, Garrent gt4088 turbo, f con management, 1600cc injectors, HKS inlet manifold and much more producing 718bhp. Roll on 2009…




Coolest BBS rims yet?

21 01 2009

While we all love BBS splits here at Max it does get a bit tiring seeing the same old black centres or gold bolts on designs like the RM012s.

This however is one of the best ‘unique’ touches we’ve seen on any rims, heck it’s up there with the rainbow-painted Impreza!

Check ’em out:



Come to the dark side…

21 01 2009

Ariel Atom + Darth Vadar = pure evil.