Behind the scenes: Alfa MiTo photoshoot

21 01 2009

It’s all well and good showing beautifully shot feature cars in the magazine each month but what exactly goes in to a typical 5-page car shoot each month? Hopefully this little montage should give you a better idea…

Built by Marangoni Tyres, Italy, this little Alfa MiTo rocks: red-rubber tyres, 240bhp 1.6-litre lump, airbrushed bonnet – pretty much everything you can think of on a car that’s not even released in the UK.


9:30am – arrive at studio location, reverse the car in, start setting up lights and try and keep the models awake…


Start setting the lights up – begin cleaning the studio of tyre marks. Lots of fun…


With the lights set up and colour filter placed over the top (hence red tinge) add a crap load of smoke…


Crapload of smoke generally means… a crap load!


With the smoke shots done it’s back to studio lighting for details and girl shots


The girl/smoke shots will be photoshopped together after – pretty much impossible to have a well-lit girl, car and smoke in one shot unless you’ve got an endless supply of lights and time!


Striking a pose, minus the shitty ‘Vogue’ song


Why bother with a CF card when you can have the pics downloaded straight to the machine?


Gives you an idea of the size/equipment needed for a fairly small car shoot


And finally, close up details with more red filter and smoke. A typical shoot usually goes from around 9-5:30, but that’s if it goes smooth without any hiccups – nine times out of ten… they don’t.




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