Max Projects: Toyota Yaris

23 01 2009

Max’s latest (and smallest) project car to date is the baby Toyota Yaris you see below. Starting it’s life as a humble 1.0-litre 4-pot, we’ve been busy trying to make the Yaris ‘Max Worthy’ with a little help from our friends Sumo Power, Fensport, Perkins Automotive and Toyota UK.

So far the little Yaris has been treated to a HKS turbo kit thanks to Sumo Power with MoTeC engine management set up and mapped by Fensport. There’s a set of TRD coilovers sorting the ride out, bumper-exit exhaust and even a TRD limited slip differential – who says micro hatches can’t keep up with the big boys?

Next up on the list is the bodywork courtesy of Perkins Automotive, including a carbon roof, front mount intercooler and rear diffusor. Over the following months we’ll be fitting it with a rollcage, sizing up the Volk Racing CE28N rims and taking it out for a spin…








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