Derm’s Euro Punto

27 01 2009

Derm aka Andy from has been busy over the past 5 months transforming his Punto into a Euro show stopper thanks to Xquisite Automotive and D:Class. Over that time Andy’s had the body completely smoothed and the arches rolled to cater for the awesome OZ-racing split rims, cheeky bit of camber all round and a wicked race/euro interior. Expect it finished within the next few weeks – it’s going to look awesome!






Random: keg-spec dish wheels

27 01 2009

Paul @ has been busy developing one of the best web features we’ve ever seen, giving UK and European buyers the ability to buy anything they like from the Yahoo Japan auctions with JDMGarageUK sorting the shipping and handling.

Anyways, this means we’re finally able to get our hands on some of the most gangster wheels around for a budget price, check out the examples below:


15x14in 100-spoke wires, single pair for £300


3-piece BBS in 14x13in, £250


18x13in SSR Koneig splits, £1060 set of four


18x13in Rays Forged GT300 wheel – up for just £250, there’s a matching rear for just £100! Someone buy these…


Throttle bodies?


Not quite, 15x13in Cherry Blossom Sakuras, the rarest of rare rares. Believed to be one of only 3 pairs in this width, expect to pay £3000 for the pair, but uber JDM retro points in the process.

ModifiedFD blog

27 01 2009

Last week we showed you pictures of Casey’s awesome FD3S RX7 from the Risky Devil blog – pretty much RX7 perfection in our eyes. Anyways, Casey’s been busy updating his own blog with not only his FD’s build but also everything else in the world of pimp RX7s and much more!

Check it out HERE or on the blogroll to the right.