Bargain USDM Integra

28 01 2009

Why oh why does the pound have to be so weak? 6 months ago this Integra would’ve cost £4800, although saying that it’s still only £6600 which is an absolute bargain for such a mint Integra.

The 96 RS features Type-R bodywork, fully built and boosted B20b block with crower rods, b16 head, Garrett turbo and much more making 336bhp at the wheels, while the exterior features Sprint Hart rims, BMW E46 blue paint, Skunk2 coilovers and Benen strut braces. An absolute bargain.






ModifiedFD blog

27 01 2009

Last week we showed you pictures of Casey’s awesome FD3S RX7 from the Risky Devil blog – pretty much RX7 perfection in our eyes. Anyways, Casey’s been busy updating his own blog with not only his FD’s build but also everything else in the world of pimp RX7s and much more!

Check it out HERE or on the blogroll to the right.




Max Projects: Toyota Yaris

23 01 2009

Max’s latest (and smallest) project car to date is the baby Toyota Yaris you see below. Starting it’s life as a humble 1.0-litre 4-pot, we’ve been busy trying to make the Yaris ‘Max Worthy’ with a little help from our friends Sumo Power, Fensport, Perkins Automotive and Toyota UK.

So far the little Yaris has been treated to a HKS turbo kit thanks to Sumo Power with MoTeC engine management set up and mapped by Fensport. There’s a set of TRD coilovers sorting the ride out, bumper-exit exhaust and even a TRD limited slip differential – who says micro hatches can’t keep up with the big boys?

Next up on the list is the bodywork courtesy of Perkins Automotive, including a carbon roof, front mount intercooler and rear diffusor. Over the following months we’ll be fitting it with a rollcage, sizing up the Volk Racing CE28N rims and taking it out for a spin…





RIPS 240Z runs 8.36 @ 163mph

5 01 2009

New Zealand-based Rotora Imports (RIPS) are the undisputed kings of Skyline RB30 engines, and their 1000whp+ 240Z drag car is the ultimate demo car. Basic tech spec includes RB30 block (no filler, cement etc.), forged pistons, balanced RB30 crank, RIPS RB26 ported head, GT45 turbo @ 1.9 bar, TH400 transmission and 9in diff.

Rob from RIPS says:

‘ We had a fresh trans fitted to the 240z (1st time ever to have a new trans in the car so wasn’t quite sure what to expect).

My first run was at 12.28 and the track looked “just ok” I deceided to just roll very gently off the line (2.15 60ft) then gently feed it on and see how it felt, it was very slippery from 1/2 track onwards but ran through with a 9.9 @ 159mph.

Next run the weather had been fine for about 2 hours so I decided to give it a decent nudge, left real well but was snaking down the track and had wheelspin in 2nd (1/2 track mph down a bit) and also had to back off just before the finish line, it felt good but I didn’t know how good. Got back to the pits to cheers and thumbs up from everyone, 8.361 @ just 163.85mph so I knew there was more to come.’