Lotus on acid – ‘Extrema’

28 01 2009

Ebay may be home to some of the worst badly-modded motors but it also holds the occasional gem, including the monster Lotus ‘Extrema’.

Based on the Exige, the Extrema features a 649bhp LS9 V8 lump from the ChevyCorvette and weighs in at just 970kg thanks to its carbon body. It’ll hit 60mph in 2.9 seconds, 100mph in 7 seconds and carry on to 200mph. Not bad for £60,000.




Mr. Insane’s Corvette

22 01 2009





Scandinavian folk are nuts. Granted they may be a generalisation, but Swedish drifter ‘Mr. Insane’ is happy to prove this with his 1000bhp supercharged Corvette. Ready to hit Gatebil in 2009, Mr. Insane has been busy rebuilding the ‘Vette with custom front and rear subframes, uprated driveshafts and usual weight reductions to make it 1400kg. Styling may not be to everyone’s taste, but if it sounds anywhere near as savage as it looks we’ll be happy.

Norwegian S14a twin-turbo V8

7 01 2009

This S14a belongs to Norwegian Daniel Brandmo, and over the past 8-months has been subject to one of the most comprehensive builds we’ve ever seen.

Up front there’s a 4.0-litre Lexus V8 with Cosworth pistons, Eagle rods, ACL bearings the lot. Couple that with a set of Garret GT2871R turbos and a whole load of bespoke fabrication and you’ve got a monster drift car with the potential of over 800bhp!

Source: Driftworks


First dyno run made 607whp and 506lb-ft at just 1.4 bar






And of course, video:

8.2l V8-powered Hackney Cab

7 01 2009

As ‘sleepers’ go this has got to be one of the coolest around – nutter Steve Birchall spent near £60K converting his 2.2-litre diesel Hackney cab into an 8.2-litre V8 monster, with over 500bhp and 560lb-ft of torque.

‘On the drag strip it can get to 100mph in around 11 seconds, but I will be fitting a decent NOS kit soon and so 9 seconds is easily achievable’ says Steve. ‘The taxi has a drag racing gearbox and axle but it is built for the road.’

The Crazy Taxi also features hydraulics and 18in-wide rear wheels, not to mention a full leather interior, TV screen and sound system. Mental!


Splinter supercar

6 01 2009

Forget your battery-power or E85 Ethanol fuel, if you want a real ‘green’ car the Splinter wins hands down, being made entirely out of au-natural wood. Granted, there’s a few ol’ components like the engine which still remain metal, but all the structural and bodywork of the car is completely out of wood.

Under the er, bonnet lies a twin-supercharged Cadillac V8 lump good for over 600bhp mated to a 6-speed ‘box. Plenty of power, but how will leaf-spring suspension (also made of wood) make it handle?